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Agreement with NCL

CSIR-NCL and GMM Pfaudler sign pact for glass-lined micro reactors

- 18th February 2020

GMM Pfaudler signed a licensing agreement for design, engineering, fabrication and marketing of patent-protected glass-lined microreactors and flow reactors with CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory.

The CSIR-NCL has developed miniature glass-coated flow reactors with high performance and better compatibility with chemicals in a lesser space. Such reactors will be used to manufacture agrochemicals and in pharmaceutical sectors, mostly in terms of handling halogenated reactants, intermediates and related products. Already equipped with US and European patents, the scientists who developed the miniature version said the new reactors would probably be half the cost of the variety currently available in the market.

Amol Kulkarni, one of the lead scientists of the project, said, “At present, the flow reactors’ market is largely dominated by multinational companies. The existing micro and flow reactors are available in metals, polymers, glass and ceramic. The metal reactors need to be coated with an alloy so that it does not react with chemicals. Alloy is costly so even the reactor is high-priced. Reactors can get damaged under too much pressure or extreme temperature changes if only glass is used. However, the glass-coated micro-reactor will not face these problems.”


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