Stirrer Drives

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Normag chemical and pharmaceutical agitators are available to provide for varying solutions:

  • in powered form, differentiated according to laboratory and process scale, and differentiated according to magnetic drive format or manual (hand mixer)
  • various adapter flanges with corresponding connecting flange shapes and diameters
  • various shaft sealing systems and possibly associated monitoring and locking systems
  • various product-contacting materials
  • various drive types and outputs (electric, pneumatic, optional others)
  • optional standardized additional requirements, such as ATEX, specific certificates, motor requirements, and measurement engineering
  • optional special requirements

Agitators, in conjunction with the PTFE stirrer shafts, perform various mixing tasks, such as suspending, homogenizing, dispersing, or dissolving fluid mixtures. This can be done for vessels with or without heat input, continuous, or discontinuous operation and various vessel types (length, shape, residual stirring volume, eccentric cover assembly, inlet and outlet nozzles, etc.) and accessories (baffles, inlet pipes, measurement engineering).

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Interseal Lab 5000 from GMM Pfaudler - installed in PEA reactor from Normag


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