Complete skid system for pharma pilot plant!

05 July 2023

Complete skid system for pharma pilot plant!

Before chemical production begins, before construction starts, and even before engineers design the system unit, GMM Pfaudler develops an optimal chemical process to guide customers' equipment implementation choices. 

Why is this key? Because it allows us to demonstrate the performance of our technology while gathering the data needed to design ideal manufacturing facilities. In this way, a pilot plant unit was recently designed and produced at GMM Pfaudler Italy to meet the needs of a customer operating in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) production. 

Our highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and project managers worked seamlessly to quickly construct a high-quality facility that was custom-designed and optimized for ease of operation and maintenance. Numerous glass-lined components and technologies featured prominently in the unit, including powder loading automation. 

The result? An innovative, perfectly integrated, and optimized pilot plant, a full skid system, and an incredibly satisfied customer! 

Just one of the #BIGMOVES that we like to make! 
Watch the video:

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