Our Core Values

Our Vision

To become the preferred partner for critical process technologies, systems, and services for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries by delivering high quality and sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

We use our corrosion-resistant expertise as a cornerstone for developing a broader portfolio offering while respecting the environment, uniting our people, and creating value for all our stakeholders.

The Values


We provide unique and innovative technologies, systems, and services that deliver high-value solutions to our customers.


Our people are the force driving our ability to do and achieve more. We value diversity and provide a real opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships.


We are committed to consistently delivering on our promise of expertise in the technologies, systems, and services we offer.


We are always on the move, anticipating technology and customers’ needs as they change.


We use our expertise to strengthen our product portfolio while respecting our people, our communities, and the environment, creating value for all our stakeholders.

Creating behaviours and mindsets that are dynamic, being innovative with our offerings, putting inclusivity at the heart of our people practices, and being a trusted and respected partner are values that drive us at GMM Pfaudler. Our values are an attitude that defines our culture and will help us make big moves.

Sustainable Development: looking after our world

The GMM Pfaudler Group is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly working practices. That is why a significant part of that contained in the products the Group creates are recyclable, along with having dedicated refurbishing and recycling centers.

The Group's technologies are at the heart of processing basic chemicals that forge the building blocks forming everyday life products used around the world.

Our process engineers provide green solutions, including evaporation systems to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and to protect the environment. The Group's evaporation systems for biofuels, acid recovery and oil re-refining also preserve the world's natural resources.

The average age of the equipment is 25-years-plus while the majority of customers choose to refurbish rather than recycle their set-ups. The company's services groups work to install, maintain and optimize these technologies and solutions in plants around the globe.

This is testament to the quality of the Group's workmanship and also goes towards providing a sustainable long-term platform.

Ethics & Compliance

GMM Pfaudler's success depends largely on the employees' actions and integrity, being essential to the reputation and economic success of any company acting on a global scale.

Correct and appropriate behavior in day-to-day business is an essential part of integrity, and GMM Pfaudler has a Code of Conduct in place which outlines its expectations of employees, contractors and any other individual or entity who are conducting business on behalf of our Group.

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