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Chemical absorption describes the process of taking up or “dissolving” an atom, molecule, or ion in another phase. This is not an accumulation on the surface (adsorption), but an absorption into the free volume of the absorbing phase.

Today, chemical absorption is used, among other things, to clean industrial exhaust air, for example, exhaust air from electroplating plants, or to eliminate odors. Due to legal requirements on limit values (such as TA Luft) for certain substances, which have been repeatedly made stricter, absorption technology is becoming increasingly important.

Absorption can take place in packed columns, columns with structured packings, plate columns, bubble column reactors, via membrane technologies, or with regenerative falling film technology.

The absorption process is always exothermic.

Pfaudler Systems offer a wide range of standardized gas scrubbers. Pfaudler can solve any request, due to its know-how and flexible manufacturing options.

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