Temperature Control Units TCUs



Pfaudler has been a pioneer in the use of Temperature Control Units (TCUs) and the concept of single fluid heating/cooling for batch reactors, which provide optimal temperature control. Efficient heat transfer is key to ensuring product quality, batch-to-batch repeatability, and reduced operating times and costs. The process and vessel engineers at GMM Pfaudler design reactor internal geometries, mixing systems, jacket designs, TCUs, and utility selections to maximize heat transfer.

Typical TCU applications include:

  • API pharmaceuticals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Pilot plants

Benefits of TCUs

Wide Temperature Range – Pfaudler’s TCUs operate from -90°C (-130°F) for cryogenic pharmaceutical applications, up to +350°C (+662°F) for chemical applications.

Improved Heat Transfer - Each TCU is designed by Pfaudler’s process engineers to specifically meet your application needs. This includes proper fluid selection and component designs to optimize TCU performance and, in turn, ensure that your reactor consistently performs at peak level. Ultimately, this will improve profit and reactor utilization, as well as reduce energy and plant operating costs.

Improved Product Quality – Pfaudler’s TCUs provide ±1°C batch temperature control for consistent batch quality.

Ease of Operation & Low Maintenance – Pfaudler’s TCUs are completely automated for ease of operation, with high-quality components that provide for worry-free operation and low maintenance.