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Edlon - Fluoropolymers


Columns are used in the chemical industry for many different mass transfer processes, with the required separation accomplished through the countercurrent flow of liquid and vapor inside the column. Fractionation or distillation columns are used to separate various chemicals through the difference in their volatilities. Stripper, absorber, and scrubber columns are used to separate and purify products, recover unreacted raw materials or valuable products from waste streams, or remove hazardous chemicals from vent and waste streams, in order to prevent chemical emissions and to meet environmental regulations.

If you’re faced with a corrosive processing problem, you don’t have to face it alone. Edlon offers you its experience, technology, and dedicated professionals. We can be your single source — and your best source — for equipment and column design.

Edlon can find the most cost-effective solution to help you fight corrosion, maintain purity, combat fouling, and improve mass transfer.

Edlon designs and fabricates fluoropolymer-coated and lined columns and internals based on the customer's needs.

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