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Batch Reactors remain the preferred choice of equipment across wide areas of applications in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI). Our main product is a jacketed reactor having different agitator configurations so that our client can achieve the result desired, be it a heat-transfer, mass-transfer, reaction-kinetics, crystallization, gas-distribution type, and so on. Our reactors are supplied with external and internal heating/cooling arrangements, complete with baffle designs and a variety of jacket options, such as full, split, half-coil (limpet), and Dimple jackets.

We also supplies “Loop Reactors” with internal elements made available by other specialists/licensors.

Types of jackets: Temperature control is an important parameter when operating any type of reactor, and EQUILLOY’s portfolio covers a wide range of jacket constructions to meet this objective. To comply with uniform temperature coverage requirements, We supply conventional single external jackets. When high velocities of heating-cooling media are required, EQUILLOY constructs half-coil (limpet) type jackets. For special-purpose applications where a high-heat transfer surface area is required, Pfaudler offers pillow plates or dimple jackets. Customized optimum solutions are guaranteed to serve our client’s needs.

Main capabilities

EQUILLOY manufacture reactors made of stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium as well as cladded construction.

Industries served

EQUILLOY reactors can be used in the petrochemical and fertilizer sectors, oil and gas refineries, and other specialized chemical process industries.

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