Modular Reaction, Evaporation & Distillation System



With reactor, WFE or column technology at the core, GMM Pfaudler Systems designs complete modular process solution with all ancillary equipment, piping, and instruments included. We lead the way in providing complete process systems as pre-assembled modules, which provide lower project costs, shorter construction schedules, and improved quality.

Modular Construction

This time lapse video shows the approximate two-month construction of a large Wiped Film Evaporator System designed and constructed as two large modules.

Modular system installation

This video demonstrates the quick (less than 24 hours), on-site installation of a multi-stage Wiped Film Evaporator System that was constructed as three modules.

Modular design scope

Using a modular design turn-key approach for project execution, all stages of engineering and design, along with the specification and procurement of equipment and components, and all phases of construction are included to provide completely assembled modules. The scope of supply for GMM Pfaudler's modular process systems includes:

  • Engineering
  • Hazop analysis
  • Instrument design
  • Project management
  • Controls engineering
  • Component procurement
  • Piping
  • Controls
  • Structural steel
  • Wiring
  • Process engineering
  • Equipment design
  • System layout and piping
  • Project engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Construction
  • Equipment setting
  • Insulation

Benefits of Modular Designs

GMM Pfaudler Systems provides process solutions as completely assembled process modules. The modular construction of chemical process systems provides many benefits, including:

  • Single source responsibility providing overall process design and construction, ensuring a fully integrated and properly functioning system
  • Firm, fixed price provides early project cost lock-in and eliminates costly project over-runs
  • Shop quality construction in a controlled environment provides more efficient, higher quality work than field fabrication
  • Shortened project schedule with efficient shop labor
  • Reduced project costs from more efficient labor and the elimination of project over-runs
  • Compact design conserves valuable real estate