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Agitated pressure filters, filter-dryers, and pressure Nutsche filters perform most effectively in batch operations as cake filters used to separate concentrated suspensions.

MAVAZWAG® Agitated Nutsche Filters and Filter Dryers (ANF and ANFD) are designed and manufactured with state of-the-art technology by MAVAG. These are versatile units for deep bed, solid-liquid separation using a filter screen.

Where are they used?

MAVAZWAG® performs most effectively in pharmaceutical and chemical industries where filtration and cake washing are required.

By adding a jacket to the vessel, heated blades on the agitator, as well as by operating under vacuum, the wet cake can be fully dried and discharged as a powder, all in a single unit.

What are the main advantages?

  • All operations of an ANF and ANFDs are performed in an enclosed system, ensuring product quality, product consistency, and operational safety.
  • Our ANF and ANFDs are also available in GMP/Sterile designs, which adhere to CIP/SIP requirements.
  • MAVAZWAG® ANF and ANFDs are available in stainless steel, Hastelloy, and special alloys. For extremely corrosive applications, we offer glass-lined ANF and ANFDs. Mavag offers Pilot ANFD for on-site test work, enabling the user to gain valuable experience and, at the same time, gather reliable process data.
  • Our engineers work closely with you to assist in selecting the right ANF or ANFD and then optimize it for your process conditions.

Key Features and Options


  • Base flange with C-clamps or quick-lock bayonet
  • Jacket and seal-welded insulation
  • Designed according PED or ASME
  • Wide range of WIP / CIP devices

Filter plate

  • Clamp design for single-layer filter media
  • Filter media disc (boltless design) with multi- layer sintered
  • Filter media
  • Unique filter plate design allows interchangeability
  • Dead-zone free construction


  • 2 or 3 arm special S-profile
  • Heated design
  • Bolt free connection for shaft bellow
  • Wide range of shaft sealing options
  • MAVAG “Clean Sweep” design for total heel discharge

Side Discharge Valve

  • Hydraulically operated / fail safe
  • Soft seal or metal/metal sealing

Peripheral Systems

  • Automation systems
  • Temperature control units (TCUs)
  • Vacuum / gas recirculation systems
  • Solvent recovery systems
  • Powder handling / Pack-off systems

Design for High Potent Applications (HAPI)

  • Double-seal design with flush connection for filter base
  • Integration of glove box / isolators on side discharge port for contained product discharge and heel removal
  • Single or double chamber designs
  • Square section side discharge port for upper product removal
  • Save change for dust filter element

Single Plate Manual Nutsche Filters


Single plate Nutsche filter for manual cake discharge. These filters are easy to operate, user-friendly trial, and small batch mobile nits.

Key Features and Options

  • Available filtration surface area from 0.1 to 1.5 m2
  • Manual or hydraulic base plate lowering
  • Tilting or swivelling top cover
  • Body flange with C-clamps or quick-lock
  • Cake retainer ring
  • Mobile or stationary designs
  • Special designs with tilting vessel or manual agitator
  • Available in stainless steel, Hastelloy or other special alloys, glass-lined or with fluoropolymer linings

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