Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems


Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

What is the purpose of glass-lined accessories?

The safe use of glass-lined reactors and vessels obviously depends on the outstanding properties of the glass and the excellent glass lining manufacturing procedures implemented, but also on the use of on purpose-designed accessories.

Pfaudler offers a range of accessories that can be used in Pfaudler reactors as well as in all other glass-lined equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer.

Expertise in how glass behaves, its interaction with the accessories installed on vessels and reactors, and the relevant risks involved, is what Pfaudler offers when designing highly reliable products.

What are typical accessories for glass-lined equipment?

To operate safely with chemical processes in glass-lined equipment, Pfaudler offers specially designed accessories:

  • Gasket systems for safe sealing
  • Safely sealed sight glasses for process insight
  • Multipurpose manway covers for sealing, process insight, quick opening without tooling, loading small quantities, cleaning nozzle supports, and so on
  • Cleaning in place equipment
  • Dip pipes, fittings for loading and emptying vessels
  • Sampling technologies
  • Bottom outlet valves
  • As well as a specific manufacturing procedure contributing to the protection of the integrity of half coil reactors