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EQUILLOY provides columns for various applications such as distillation, absorption, and extraction. The columns can be supplied with necessary internals, such as trays, packing, supports, and distributors. Our team works together with a specialist for column internals and can provide columns with a complete hydraulic and mechanical performance guarantee, if required.

Functionality of various column types

An essential part of separation technologies in most industrial processes, the distillation column is a key component in our Group's portfolio.

EQUILLOY provides packed columns that find extensive use in vacuum distillation, and tray columns where a mass transfer between the gas and liquid phases is required.

Other columns offered include liquid-liquid extraction columns, adsorption columns, and columns for performing fractional distillation.

Capabilities and Industries Served

Columns can be supplied in various types of construction material ranging from carbon and stainless steel to more exotic material, such as Hastelloy, titanium, and SS 904 L Urea Grade. Columns can be produced with solid or cladded materials.

We have designed, manufactured, and transported columns weighing up to 160 MT, with diameter up to 6 m, and approximately 45 m long.

EQUILLOY columns can be used in the petrochemical and fertilizer sectors, oil and gas refineries, and other specialized chemical process industries.

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