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MAVAG Dryers are used for directly drying a wet product from a solid-liquid separation process in many production procedures.

Along with its equipment, components, and services, MAVAG offers extensive experience and the necessary engineering capabilities, from conceptual design to start-up, to supply complete plants. For our clients, this means efficient project completion and unique source responsibility.

Experienced engineers will manage your projects from the first kick-off meeting through to start-up, specifications and documents, and will train your teams.

Where are they used?

MAVAG Dryers perform most effectively in pharmaceutical and chemical industries where after filtration or solid-liquid separation steps are required in your processes.

Our vacuum drying solutions are qualified to be used in chemical processes and under cGMP (risk of contamination).

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are high requirements regarding:

  • Material selection (seals, gaskets, etc)
  • Charging and discharging material (preventing cross contamination)
  • Mechanical seal (lubricants and particles deriving from seal surface)
  • Heating and cooling cycle
  • No vapour condensation (with special focus on dust filters)
  • Document and material certification
  • DQ, IQ, OQ qualifications
  • Validation of the drying process, PQ

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