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Mavadrive® Magnetic agitators

Mavadrive® magnetic agitators are the preferred choice for aseptic processing offered in double impeller or propeller construction mounted eccentrically to the tank bottom, producing excellent circulation flow.

These provides a hermetically closed containment shell between the vessel inside and the atmosphere, with the use of a magnetic field through high-performance samarium-cobalt-magnets, not only ensuring a complete replacement for convention shafts, but also guaranteeing high integrity and safety standards.

This product is the preferred choice in the wide range of applications of the chemical process industry:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotech industry
  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Production of fine chemicals

Key features

  • Optimized power consumption with improved mixing
  • Improvement in one or more parameters including heat transfer, mass transfer, solid suspension, blend time colour, purity, yield, etc.
  • Customized and compact systems suitable for your plant layout
  • Modern and reliable drive design for easy maintenance and optimum plant availability


Process wetted components are designed in a way to eliminate deposits during the process phase. This also helps during cleaning cycles.

  • Oscillating movement of the agitator head by patented counteracting blades
  • Largest gap between containment shell and agitator head for best possible cleanability
  • Inclined surfaces and accessibility of all wetted areas
  • Dead-zone free construction in combination with slots and holes
  • Adjustment of operating parameters and cleaning cycles during selection of process parameters