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The right instruments and controls guarantee efficient procedures while also ensuring safety and the protection of personnel, property, and the environment.

Glass-Lined (Glasteel®) is the material of choice in corrosive applications, and we lead the way with Glass-Lined temperature sensors and pH sensors.
We also offer other corrosion-resistant instruments, such as actuated valves, level transmitters and switches, and conductivity probes.

Our process indication instruments provide for a complete and continuous indication of process conditions utilized by control systems, which ensure strict process controls. This, in turn, ensures efficient process procedures, high quality products, and high yields, resulting in a reduced use of raw materials and a reduction in costs.

When providing complete process systems, our process and project engineers can also integrate reliable third-party instruments that allow for a balanced system.

Compared to manual procedures, our control systems ensure strict process controls, as well as safety, security, reporting, data collection, and trending. As part of our complete process systems, we include pre-programmed, factory-acceptance tested control systems that provide for effective and efficient processing.


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High-speed Glass-lined Temperature Measurement with Inline Calibration

Quick and reliable measurement results are essential for optimal process control.


Glass-Lined Instrumentation