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The Spherical Dryer is a multi-purpose dryer used for drying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) and Fine Chemicals in compliance with cGMP and FDA guidelines.

Mavasphere® ensures excellent drying performance over a wide range of filling capacities with a good turndown ratio.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Minimal clearance between the vessel wall and agitator for efficient and uniform drying
  • Whole vessel covered by jacket for better heat transfer
  • Wide range of filling capacities with a good turndown ratio
  • Minimal product hold-up for easy cleaning and validation
  • Eccentrically top mounted agitator for uniform mixing and gentle product drying
  • Discharge at lowest point for complete product discharge
  • Compact system with lower footprint
  • Chopper for very effective lump breaking and sticky products

Construction materials

Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, and Special Alloys.


Shaft Sealing Design

  • Interseal Dry9000® shaft sealing system
  • Gas lubricated double mechanical seal installed outside of the product zone


  • Hollow heated, rotating 3-blade agitator with minimal clearance between agitator blade and vessel wall.

Bottom Discharge

  • Spherical disc valve for quick opening and discharge of dried product with no dead volume.

Standard Accessories

  • Lump Breaker, Dust Filter, and Sampling System.

Optional Accessories

  • Vessel flange with bayonet type, quick-closing design with hydraulic hinge for easy opening of lower vessel half, allowing for simple inspection and maintenance
  • Automation Systems
  • Temperature control units (TCU)
  • Vacuum and solvent recovery units
  • Powder handling / Pack-off systems

Pilot dryers are available for on-site tests, so clients can gain experience with advanced equipment while gathering reliable scale-up and process data.

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