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Our services guarantee for complete glass lining inspection and repair, to ensure that your reactor is in proper working condition, for safe and efficient performance.

All Pfaudler equipment is recorded in a database of drawings and construction plans, available for their entire lifecycle. In this way, we can guarantee to provide qualified technical support, even for older technologies.

Pfaudler technicians, constantly trained and certified, are always available both for glass integrity inspections and emergencies 24/7 to support your operation. They can perform their service directly on-site or in our nearest facility.

This makes Pfaudler Service the most reliable ally to keep your valuable equipment running like the first day.


Pfaudler’s reconditioning program is often the right solution. Our experts disassemble and inspect all components for wear or damage, and they repair or replace them as required.

Calculations and testing are performed, ensuring that the equipment meets pressure vessel code regulations and it is recertified and stamped per code.

The benefits of reconditioned equipment compared to new equipment are lower costs and shorter schedules, with a full warranty, as is provided for new components


After years of extremely corrosive or erosive use, glass linings can become worn below the recommended thickness.

Pfaudler’s reglassing service brings your equipment back to “like new” condition with a full warranty.

Other reglass benefits:

Qualified damage assessment

Disassembly onsite and transportation to our reglass facilities

Long service life with the latest Pfaudler glass

Easily upgraded

Standard warranty as new vessel

Reglassing of all glass-lined parts, including equipment from alternative suppliers


Pfaudler’s services have the capabilities to recondition and reglass the equipment accessories as well, including agitator impellers and shaft, baffles and valves.

Replacing a damaged piece with a refurbished part is often a good solution and allows to quickly recover the operative capacity of the equipment.s

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