Glass-Lined Instrumentation

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Glass-Lined Instrumentation

Why glass-lined instruments?

The purpose of glass-lined equipment is, amongst others, the handling of highly corrosive media in glass-lined vessels or reactors. Tasks of the instruments in these processes include:

  • Reaction behaviour: acquisition of physical and chemical data in on- line operation.
  • Safety: indicator for the safety of running processes or of the condition of the chemical equipment itself.

Therefore, reactions in a corrosive environment must be controlled through instruments with the same corrosion-resistance as vessels.

Scope of Pfaudler glass-lined instruments:

Two types of glass-lined probes:

  • Physical measures: temperature, liquid level, phase separation, corrosion monitoring
  • Liquid analysis measures: pH/ rH/ ORP (Oxidation/ reduction potential), conductivity


  • High chemical & mechanical stability
  • Product off-putting surfaces
  • Electrically neutral behaviour
  • No catalytic or biological influence on the product

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Glass-Lined Instrumentation