Interseal Sealing Technology


Interseal Sealing Technology

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Interseal, a leader in sealing technology products, has developed an innovative sealing system called ace5000™ for the Indian market.

The Interseal ace5000™ works on the principle of multiple lip-sealing technology and eliminates the requirement of not only a barrier-fluid but also any chances of seal-face contamination into the product. The specially developed system between the shaft protection sleeve and the sealing lips ensures that no liquid or gas must be used. Therefore, the ace5000™ sealing system does not require any fluid supply systems.

The ace5000™ runs dry and ensures that your process runs permanently smooth

As the ace5000™ does not require lubrication, it reduces the risk of production loss to an absolute minimum and protects people and the environment.

Applications: The ace5000™ sealing technology can be used in all types of applications such as API, cGMP areas, sterile operations, crystallization, high vacuum, finish product area, high viscous process, and frequent seal failures.

Shaft Diameter (mm) Operating Pressure Temperature Maximum sliding velocity
40- 160mm Full vacuum
to 6 bar
-40°C to +220°C 3m/s

Key design features:

  • Dead space minimized design
  • Intelligent sealing technology
  • cGMP design offered as standard
  • CIP: Easy cleaning
  • FDA certification
  • ATEX certification
  • No-start up requirements


  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Predictive sealing failure mechanism
  • No risk of overheating with temperature monitoring
  • Easy and clear spare parts concept
  • Dedicated after-sales and services team

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