Scrubber Systems



For the absorption of exhaust air components, like acids and waste gases in chemical processes, scrubbers are used for neutralizing and cleaning, in accordance with environmental aspects and product recovery. For gas washing, the gases are scrubbed in an absorption column that is directly connected to a vessel with the washing liquid. The liquid is circulated continuously via a pump and cooled via a spiral condenser.

Key Features:

The absorption unit is characterized by its compact construction which is particularly suited to the high safety level required for working with this type of apparatus. The magnetic coupled and corrosion resistant pump with small discharge head will be provided suitable for the scrubber systems sump.
The apparatus is produced in various sizes. For laboratory apparatus in setting up on a laboratory bench, sizes are specified in 6 liters or 10 liters Volumes. For larger reaction set-ups:

  • apparatus is also available which provides volume for the washing liquid;
  • scrubbers are available in mobile and non-mobile skids.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials

The selection, design, and manufacture of the proper high-performance corrosion resistant materials of construction is critical for the safe production and storage of corrosive and hazardous chemical applications. Our absorption units are manufactured in Borosilicate glass 3.3, completed by the use of other highly chemical and thermal resistant materials. Technical Characteristics/Accessories

  • Scale-up capable design
  • Absorption for corrosive loaded exhaust gases for process monitoring as teaching units