Wiped Film Evaporator Systems



GMM Pfaudler Systems engineers design and supply EQUILLOY brand Wiped Film Evaporators (WFEs) as part of a complete system.
For optimal performance, they will address all design aspects, from utility flow requirements to complete vacuum system integration.

Our focus is on providing the most efficient and reliable overall system to achieve optimal performance from your WFE.

Benefits of Modular Designs

Pfaudler provides WFE systems as completely assembled process modules.
This approach provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Overall system design expertise for properly functioning systems
  • Firm, fixed price, eliminating costly project over-runs
  • Single source responsibility for proper system integration and project execution
  • Shop quality construction
  • Shortened project schedule with efficient shop labor
  • Reduced overall project costs
  • Compact design to conserve valuable real estate

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Wiped film evaporators