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Centrifugal disc filter


The FUNDA® Centrifugal Disc Filter is a totally enclosed pressure filter with horizontally arranged, self- supporting filter screens for pre-coat or residue filtration of large quantities of diluted suspensions in an automated, closed system. Heel volume filtration minimizes product losses. Cake washing occurs in a cascade operation.

What is the concept behind the Funda filter?

FUNDA® filters are available with a 1-to-80-sqm filtration area in two basic configurations: Type R for cake discharge or Type A for slurry discharge.

For added versatility, Type R filters can be configured for both cake and slurry discharge.

The equipment can be supplied in stainless steel, Hastelloy, and other special alloys.

Pilot units are available for on-site test work, thus enabling the user to gain valuable experience and gather reliable process data for scale-up.

Main Advantages

MAVAG offers a complete range of off-the shelf options plus the engineering application know-how to configure your filtration system to your specifications.

With standard components proven effective many times over, it is a sure way to bring a new system on-line quickly and without problems.

Key Features and Options


  • Legs or support lugs
  • Jacket and seal-welded insulation
  • Designed according to PED or ASME

Filter plate

  • Dished filter plates with spacer rings and clamp rings
  • Various types of filter media available, including multi-layer sintered filter media

Filter Drive

  • Electric drive with gear reducer or hydraulic drive
  • Wide range of shaft sealing options

Peripheral Systems

  • Automation systems
  • Complete process skids
  • Pack-off systems

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