Engineering & Upgrades



If you are looking for the installation of a new process, or want to upgrade old equipment, and/or modify equipment to improve steel reactor performance or optimized reactor mixing, our team provides a single-source offer, from redesigning your process right through to site installation.

Our process engineers and service technicians can review your existing equipment and your new process requirements, providing options on upgrades to enhance performance levels and ensure the equipment matches the new process requirements.

Consultancy services

Your existing Pfaudler equipment is very reliable and has been operating effectively for decades. However, there are several factors that could warrant a review of your process. New innovations might have been developed, your process may have changed, or you may be producing a new product.

Our engineers can review your existing equipment and your new process requirements, providing options on upgrades to enhance performance levels and ensure the equipment matches the new process requirements. Areas to review include:

  • Optimized Mixing
  • BATCH Quality Control
  • Reactor Heat Transfer Performance


Our experience and expertise are at your disposal to improve your process equipment.

Key benefits:

  • improve productivity
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • improve energy efficiency
  • design optimization
  • accelerate market introduction
  • reduce the total cost of ownership
  • reduce unplanned maintenance and avoid unnecessary replacement costs

Pilot testing / toll operation

Process development plays a major role in developing solutions for the critical needs of our clients.

Our world-class Process Test Facilities are located in:

  • America (Rochester - NY)
  • Europe (Waghäusel – Germany)
  • Asia (Karamsad - India)

These have been specially created to handle challenging process applications and strengthens a global approach and a high level of competence.

The facilities are equipped to custom configure any test from simple applications involving a single chemical process step to more complex applications requiring multiple chemical process phases. These highly instrumented facilities are designed to capture all the process data required for guaranteed scale-up results.

The commercial-scale process is developed based on the results of pilot testing at our pilot testing facilities. The results of the testing provide us with a basis to evaluate equipment sizing, capital as well as operating costs for additives and utilities, and compatibility of the results with environmental regulations.

The Pfaudler System Group utilizes the pilot test data to prove the performance of PFAUDLER, EDLON, NORMAG, MAVAG and INTERSEAL technologies and to design efficient, safe & economical commercial scale facilities incorporating these technologies.

Process engineering

Our process engineers will review your application and apply sound engineering practices to design and select the best process solution for your application. They have experience and expertise with all chemical unit operations including: reaction, mixing, heat transfer, acid recovery, crystallization, fluid flow, distillation, mass transfer, evaporation, filtration, drying, emissions controls, scrubbing, absorption, vacuum systems, solids handling and others.

For over a century, our process engineers have been designing our core process equipment, such as reactors, mixers, evaporators, columns, filters & dryers. Since the 1950s, we have designed complete chemical process systems around these core pieces of equipment.

We have vast experience of a multitude of chemical processes and serve a broad range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • API and bio-based pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty and Fine Chemical
  • Acid Recovery
  • Precious metals recovery
  • Micro-electronic
  • Semiconductor chemistry
  • Paraffins
  • Polymers
  • Paint & Pigments
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Oil re-refining
  • Green chemistries
  • Neutraceuticals and Vitamins
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Flavors and Fragrances


Component failure comes at a significant cost – both in terms of repairs and lost production.

Is your batch reactor performance decreasing, cycle time increasing and quality, utilization & capacity down?

Our technicians will not only repair your equipment but, along with our engineers, also work with you to troubleshoot the process, find the root causes and prevent repeating the problem.

Sometimes the problem cannot be resolved in the field. For these complex problems, our highly-skilled team will analyze the failed component in our factory with access to more advanced diagnostic tools.