Settler and mixer-settlers



Settlers and mixer-settlers are classical extraction apparatus for liquid-liquid extractions.

The three sections of mixer-settlers fulfill the following extraction tasks:

  1. Two liquid phases are intensively mixed in the mixing section.
  2. Separation of the light and heavy phase takes place in the settler section.
  3. The heavy aqueous phase and the light organic phase drain through the phase weir, the drain of further process steps or storage vessels.

The phase interface is adjustable through an overflow valve for a hydrodynamic control.

Technical features / Accessories

  • Pfaudler Systems’ mobile (3 stages) and multi-faceted mixer-settler battery was developed and built as a research contract through a technical university for several dissertations;
  • Integrated combination made of Borosilicate glass 3.3 with enhanced stability and special advantages for fouling systems, according to separation requirement;
  • Integrated single or double weir, as distributor plate for low feed flows;
  • Tempering of medium with jacketed apparatus components or immersion heaters.