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Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

Glass linings are not just glass linings!

Glass-lined equipment is used in a wide range of applications: home, architecture, decoration, jewelry, as well as in industrial processes, where chemical glass must be used.

More often, it is undeservedly considered as a commodity, but glass-lined equipment with chemical glass is instead a highly technical, noble material.

  • Specific process know-how contained in the formulation of corrosion- resistant glass. ISO standards define how to measure the main properties of glass;
  • Application of high-quality chemical glass on complex shapes (small radii, all-round glass components);
  • Specific glassing engineering, use of appropriate steels and geometries;
  • Glass is still entirely sprayed by hand; the expertise of the sprayers determines the quality of the final product;
  • Firing technologies adapted to geometries and weights.

Homogeneously stress distributed, firepolished, shiny glass is the result of Pfaudler’s Excellence in Glass Lining.
Users in the industry often work with highly corrosive acids, which can be toxic and flammable at high temperatures, sometimes at boiling point. Pfaudler has been offering its know-how since 1884 and has perfected it over many years of experience, manufacturing chemical equipment because: Glass linings are not just glass linings.

Objective procedures for measuring the quality of chemical glass

Facing the harsh environment in which glass-lined equipment is used, and the relevant inherent risks involved, end users in the chemical industry, manufacturers, and professional organizations have joined forces in an effort to continuously update the measuring and qualifying protocols for glass. These methods are commonly known as DIN – ISO standards.

  • DIN EN ISO 28706 standards specify the tests used to measure the corrosion resistance of glass in acidic and alkaline environments, at room and boiling temperatures, in open and closed systems.
  • DIN EN ISO 28721-2/3 are procedures for measuring resistance to thermal shock and relevant evaluation criteria.

Pfaudler is also measuring and communicating on:

  • Impact strength
  • Adhesive strength
  • Dielectric strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Testing with internationally recognized protocols, Pfaudler is committed to supporting its clients in choosing the best glass linings for their application.

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