Technologies & Equipment

Since the very beginning, Pfaudler has continually revolutionized the industry to meet its clients’ highly specific, ever-changing chemical processing needs. Year after year, with proven reliability, we have designed and manufactured the technologies required to create chemicals that are sought after worldwide.

Today, GMM Pfaudler Group name has become synonymous with chemical processing and corrosion resistance. You will find examples of the results of our advanced know-how throughout all typical chemical and pharmaceutical plants, since the Group's portfolio of technologies covers all chemical unit operations.

Our Group boasts over a century-long expertise in the use of many types of corrosion-resistant materials, like glass-lined, borosilicate glass 3.3, fluoropolymers, high nickel alloys, zirconium, and tantalum, just to name a few.

By leveraging our vast portfolio and truly global operational footprint, GMM Pfaudler can serve its clients with single source solutions for all of their most complex needs.