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The Vacuum Paddle Dryer is a versatile energy-efficient system used for drying Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in compliance with cGMP and FDA guidelines, or for pure chemistry applications.

Mavapad® can be designed for use in sterile/clean room areas by providing a stainless-steel partition wall that separates the drive unit from the process area.

Engineers can assist in sizing and optimizing Mavapad® in order to meet your process requirements.

Key Characteristics and Advantages

  • Large heat transfer area (vessel body and agitator) for faster drying
  • Flat ends instead of dished ends for lower heel volumes and better emptying characteristics
  • Full door opening for easy cleaning and validation
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs compared to other dryers

Equipment can be designed and manufactured by selecting different types of base material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, and special alloys.


Shaft Sealing Design

  • Interseal Dry9000® shaft sealing system
  • Double wet mechanical seal Dry mechanical seal to eliminate product contamination


  • Hollow rotating agitator with improved paddle design for better heat transfer.

Bottom Discharge

  • Twist close valve/Segmented ball valve for quick opening and discharge of dried products with no dead volume.

Standard Accessories

  • Dust Filter

Optional Accessories

Lump breaker, Sampling system, condenser, receiver, and vacuum pump.

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