FleXeal® mechanical seals


A mechanical seal is a key element in agitated reactors.

Like all rotating parts, it is subject to wear and risks being damaged. This may cause unplanned plant shutdowns, resulting in loss of production and additional costs, which can both cause a reduction in profit.

FleXeal® mechanical seals are the sealing result within Pfaudler’s product portfolio useful for the specific market solutions.

The important areas in Pfaudler’s expertise are the different designs available for wet, dry, contact, and non-contact mechanical seals and a service team dedicated to their maintenance.

Main features

Drive Maintenance

With proper maintenance, our drives are designed to provide many years of reliable service. Our technologies, such as gear lubes, extend the drive’s service life, and our automatic lubrication systems keep rotating equipment running smoothly. In addition to repairs and emergency services, our service technicians are also available for preventive maintenance.

Sealing Solutions

The gaskets and agitator mechanical seals are the frontlines in protection for ensuring safe, contained operation of your hazardous processes.


The mechanical seal exchange plan ensures:

  • One single point of contact for supply and fitting of the seal
  • Qualified failure analysis once the damaged seal is returned
  • Extensive stock of seals to ensure reliable seal exchange
  • Minimal plant down time at site
  • No initial capital outlay for the customer or stock holding costs
  • Fully certified and tested mechanical seals

Single source responsibilities

Qualified damage assessment

Competitive offer


Refurbished mechanical seal tested / cerified

New mechanical seal

Supply and replacing

Seal technology selection

The selection of the proper sealing technology depends on several factors, including speed, pressure, temperature, chemical exposure and much more. Thanks to its seal Technologies capability Pfaudler can offer:

  • The dry9000® seal. A state-of-the-art technology with high performance and full compatibility with major industry agitators, longer lifetime and a clear reduction of the total cost of ownership.
  • Traditional mechanical seal series, such as the FleXeal®, for a specific market application, available and delivered on short lead times – including spare parts.

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