Services to match your needs



Leveraging our Global position and leadership around the world, GMM Pfaudler Services uses its brand capability and its diverse and talented service engineers & technicians to meet the most complex client needs.

We guarantees fast & flexible support across its Technologies and Systems portfolio. From the lab to the full-scale production plant, we work with the project to optimize and improve the entire life cycle of any process equipment normally used in a pharmaceutical & chemical plant.

Our ability as a “pharmaceutical and chemical equipment manufacturer”, combined with a great team that works closely with our clients, guarantees: troubleshooting for existing process designs, installing upgrades, and offering preventive maintenance.

Spare parts services

From instrumentation, probe solutions, to over 10,000 aftermarket spare parts available, you can count on us to make your process systems function properly.

We help you to achieve improved efficiency & reliability, reduce operating costs, and increase uptime. With the largest Service organization in our industry, GMM Pfaudler Services guarantees global capability during the pre- and post-sales process.

Our key expertise includes:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Planning & Installation
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Glass inspection, Re-glassing & Repair
  • Shutdown & Turnaround Services
  • Mechanical Seal Upgrades & Exchanges
  • Spare & Replacement Parts
  • Upgrades & Renewal Programs

With our technologies, engineering, and knowledge we are in the position to support the most demanding challenges and contribute to the success of our clients.