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Edlon - Fluoropolymers


In Semiconductor Applications, it is vitally important to maintain the lowest possible levels of elements in the production, storage, transport, and distribution of their high-purity chemicals. Due to their low ion particle shedding and chemical inertness, Edlon’s fluoropolymer technologies are the materials of choice.

Edlon offers fluoropolymer linings and coatings for a variety of applications, including process vessels and storage tanks, tailored to meet the highest requirements in purity.

Edlon caters to both manufacturers and suppliers who are concerned with removing the last traces of metal ions, silicate, and particulate contamination.

Edlon’s series of Secure & Pure™ Fluid Handling Products are some of the best in the industry, utilizing Edlon’s breadth of capabilities, product knowledge, and high-purity manufacturing skills. Edlon is a world leader in key technologies, including PureFusion™ seaming for loose linings and bonded linings, thick ultra-pure electrostatically applied fluoropolymer coatings, rotomolding / rotolining, vacuum forming and thermoforming, and machining. Each technology utilizes a proprietary fabrication technique to ensure maximum levels of product purity while resisting chemical corrosion.

Edlon’s engineers work with you to determine the optimal fluoropolymer solution for your specific application. Custom design and engineering are key elements of Edlon’s foundation. Each problem is unique, and Edlon’s 50 plus years of experience provides the broad scope of knowledge necessary to offer ideal solutions. As a full-range supplier of high-purity solutions, Edlon is committed to meeting specific application requirements. Manufacturing with a wide selection of fluoropolymer and polymer materials ensures that you get the best solution for your application.

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