Things are possible today that we would never have thought of when old reactors were invented. Glass-lined reactors can be perfectly reconditioned and upgraded because, even after years of use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, a reactor can still be in good condition.

Pfaudler offers a wide range of opportunities to improve the performance of a reactor or even the reuse of an old reactor which clients might have in stock.

This could include replacing an old manhole with 2 nozzles and/or sight glass for our Fillook covers, replacing an old mixer gearboxes like VS or TW with newer VSO and SRW styles, upgrade shaft seals with Interseal dry9000, or even replacing the design of an agitator from an old one-piece impeller to a new CryCo - Lock Agitator.

Possible upgrades:

  • Glass Upgrade (Pfaudler Pharma Glass - PPG, Abrasion Resistant Glass - ARG, Anti Static Glass - ASG)
  • Design replacement (DIN AE reactors to DIN BE reactors),(ASME RA reactors to ASME RS reactors)
  • Mixing improvements (Cryo-Lock®)
  • Addition of probes / instrumentation
  • Addition of new mechanical seal or Interseal dry9000
  • New cover designs
  • Change from belt driven to in-line drives (angled or vertical) ATEX

We assist our clients with any questions they might have regarding maintenance costs, risk analysis, ATEX, improvements in mixing, or also in achieving a higher product yield and quality, even if the reactor was not originally manufactured by Pfaudler.

More than 100 opportunities in improvement for one reactor. Feel free to contact us through your local representative for retrofitting your old reactor.

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Pfaudler services capability - retrofit manway cover

The manway opening is the largest and most frequently opened nozzle on the glass lined reactor.