Coated Baffles and Agitators under Glass-lined

Edlon - Fluoropolymers


Edlon - Fluoropolymers

Coated Baffles

Edlon can provide both standard and custom baffles with a thick fluoropolymer coating. Edlon SC-7005™ (PFA) is ideal for high temperature or pharmaceutical applications, while its SC-2001™ (ECTFE) coating has mechanical properties which make it an excellent choice for abrasive services.

Edlon can remove damaged glass and recoat existing baffles or provide new baffles with a fluoropolymer corrosion barrier.

Coated Agitators

Agitators coated with Edlon SC-7005™ have excellent corrosion resistance properties, will not contaminate batches, and also have exceptional durability and abrasion resistance. The coating can be machined in the seal area to original specifications.

Edlon can remove damaged glass and recoat existing agitators or provide new agitators with a fluoropolymer coating.

Agitator Boots

Coated Baffles

Edlon agitator repair boots are made of heat-shrinkable FEP. They are recommended for the repair of damaged retreat-curve impellers and finger-style baffles, or to prevent abrasion, erosion, or cavitation problems on new agitators or baffles. These repair boots can be installed in place without removing the agitator or baffle from the vessel.

Vortex Breakers

Eliminate vortices in your glass-lined vessels with vortex breakers from Edlon. Constructed of solid PTFE, these breakers resist corrosion, abrasion and wear, and will not damage the glass lining of the vessel nozzle or flange face.