Extraction Systems



Extraction describes a mass-transfer operation where a target substance in a mixture is transferred to a solvent (S). The basic principle of extraction is mixing and separation. The feed mixture consists of a carrier (C) and the target (T) substance. After mixing and separation, the target substance passes into the solvent, the extraction phase (S+T). The unloaded carrier phase is the raffinate phase (C).

Besides liquid-liquid extractions, solid-liquid extractions are commonly used for separation and purification in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Extraction systems can be specifically designed for the specific needs of a client’s process. The layout is customized to ensure proper system functionality and to guarantee that all equipment and components are arrange for easy operation and maintenance.

Technical features

  • Specific apparatus expertise with new developments;
  • Corrosion resistant expertise;
  • Customer and process specific design;
  • High-efficiency and scale-up suitable design;
  • Selected certified suppliers and a long history of tried and tested products (pumps, sensors, valves etc.) guarantee a long-term, replacement parts supply.