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Edlon - Fluoropolymers

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EDLON® has over 50 years of experience solving roll release problems in the pulp and paper and converting industry.

EDLON fluoropolymer products can solve many of the traditional problems associated with paper and converting production. These will save you time and money by eliminating roll picking, sticky build up, corrosion, and frequent production interruptions for cleaning and maintenance.

EDLON has been solving sticky build up problems in the pulp and paper and converting industry for more than 50 years. Our covers are successfully applied to a variety of substrates. There are no size restrictions, since each cover is custom-built to exact dimensions. EDLON is the industry leader in roll cover applications using heat shrinkable fluoropolymers.


  • Rolls run clean and smooth
  • Higher machine speeds
  • Eliminates sticking, picking, build-up, pitting, and corrosion
  • Helps reduce sheet breaks
  • Higher quality paper
  • Fewer interruptions for cleanup and maintenance


  • Custom-built for exact fit
  • Fluoropolymers offer the best high-release surface
  • No size restrictions
  • On-machine installation without disassembling equipment
  • Can be installed on aluminum, brass, stainless and carbon steel, fiberglass, and elastomer substrates

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