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When to use glass-lined mixing systems?

The outstanding properties of glass linings are not only useful in static vessels, such as storage tanks, receivers or columns, but also in reactors.

Reactors work dynamically, under pressure, at vacuum, are heated, chilled, and have to induce chemical reactions between liquids, solids, gaseous elements. Sometimes static electricity can strain the lining.

In order to fulfill these requirements, glass-lined vessels are fitted with glass-lined agitation systems.

General configuration of a Glass-Lined mixing system

In most cases, glass-lined mixing systems are top entry types. The following components are installed on an agitator support flange:

  • Pedestal to support the drive system of the mixer
  • Sealing system for passing the shaft through the reactor wall
  • Coupling between shaft and gear box
  • Gear box to adapt the rotating speed of the agitator to process requirements
  • Motor, generally electrical, to drive the system
  • Glass-lined agitator

On other reactor nozzles:

  • One or more baffles to optimize the agitation task
  • Probes, e.g. for temperature, pH, level, sampling devices, etc. to control the reaction

Glass-Lined mixing systems have no bottom bearings

For large size reactors, due to the length of shafts, rotating speeds would be adversely affected because of the low natural frequency of long equipment. Pfaudler also offers bottom-driven mixing technologies.

What are the requirements for Pfaudler Glass-Lined mixing system?

Requirements for glass-lined mixing systems:

  • adapts to media and process
  • solves problems
  • increases yield
  • works safely

In industrial processes, reliability of the rotating equipment is a paramount criterion. Pfaudler’s glass-lined mixer systems offer:

  • Drive, in accordance with European Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Smooth operation, minimized vibrations through balanced shafts
  • Accessibility, ease of maintenance, compact design
  • Safe operation, also in hazardous areas
  • Fully operational under sudden load changes (emptying or filling reactors)
  • Recommended monitoring devices, case-by-case
  • Field service teams for glass-lined mixing system maintenance

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