Vertical Conical Dryer (VCD)

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Vertical Conical Dryer (VCD)

The Vertical Conical Dryer (VCD) is a versatile energy efficient system used for the drying of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) in compliance with cGMP and FDA guidelines.

VCDs can also be optimized to make it suitable for use in Chemical, Fine Chemical & Agro Chemical industries. VCD can be designed for use in sterile/clean room areas by providing In-floor installation that separates the drive unit from the process area.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Effective utilization of static and dynamic heat transfer areas resulting in efficient drying
  • Vertical installation and bottom discharge ensures lower heel volumes and better emptying characteristics
  • Wide range of filling capacities with good turndown ratio
  • Effective utilization of lump breaker
  • Compact system with lower footprint
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost compared to other dryers

Optional accessories

Lump breaker, sampling system, condenser, receiver and vacuum pump

  • Automation systems 
  • Temperature Control Units (TCU)
  • Vacuum and solvent recovery units
  • Dust filter


Materials of construction

  • Stainless steel, hastelloy and special alloys

Shaft sealing designs

  • Double wet mechanical seals or dry mechanical seal to eliminate product contamination


  • Hollow heated agitator with heatable single or double helical ribbon for gentle mixing & efficient heat transfer

Bottom discharge

  • Twist close valve/segmented ball valve for quick opening and discharge of dried product with no dead volume