Dip Tubes

Edlon - Fluoropolymers


Edlon - Fluoropolymers

Edlon Dip Tubes (PTFE lined & Covered Steel)

Edlon’s SF and DF dip tubes combine the strength and rigidity of steel with the corrosion resistance of isostatically molded PTFE. This combination offers universal chemical resistance and can also add the ability to withstand the forces of agitation. Ideal for adding or withdrawing fluids in corrosive environments

Design Options

  • Mounting flange may be any size, eliminating the need for separate reducing flange
  • Extra long (up to 45’) designs available
  • Alternate metal substrates (SS, hastelloy, etc.)
  • Flange drilling to your specification
  • Bends
  • Siphon breaks
  • Custom length between tank mount and connecting flanges


  • PTFE lined and jacketed
    • prevents corrosion
    • eliminates product contamination
  • Steel core provides strength and rigidity during agitation
  • Withstands operating temperatures from -20°F to 450°F