PFLUORO-PFIX™ Nozzle & Manway Repair Shields

Edlon - Fluoropolymers


Edlon - Fluoropolymers

PTFE nozzle and manway repair shields are a fast and effective repair solution for damaged nozzles in glass-lined equipment. For protection applications please go to the fluoropolymer nozzle liner page.

Pfluoro-PfixTM nozzle repair shields are used to repair damaged glass-lined steel on the flange face or radius of nozzles where an “outside shield” tantalum repair would otherwise be used.

They are constructed of virgin PTFE to provide protection in a broad range of chemical environments.

Edlon‘s exclusive resilient seal design ensures effective sealing even at extreme pressures (up to 100psi) and temperature cycling.

The press-in PTFE shield is constructed with a series of three sealing fingers, which mechanically seal against the undamaged portion of the nozzle. I.D. Resilient FKM (or FFKM) O-rings between the fingers support the sealing lips and hold them against the glass surface.

Edlon‘s seal design allows for a positive seal area, despite temperature and pressure cycling. Leaking problems, due to the sealing fingers taking a cold set, are eliminated.

The PTFE shield is installed with a filler to occupy any clearance between the shield and glass. This prevents expansion and contraction of the air space, which can pull corrosives under the shield.

Larger nozzles (18" and above) and all manways have an integral metal band to provide support, which increases longevity.


  • Etched exterior to improve bonding
  • Double O-ring seal design prevents leakage
  • Suitable for full vacuum
  • Complete range of sizes (1.5”-12” stocked)
  • Designed to be used with a standard CRT-AF gasket


  • Virgin PTFE offers universal corrosion resistance
  • Suitable at 400°F for over a wide range of services
  • Fast, effective glass repair
  • Can be installed by your own maintenance personnel or local technician
  • More cost effective than tantalum
  • No heavy metals to contaminate product

Manway Repair Shields

For manway repairs, Pfluoro-PfixTM Manway Repair Shields are used to repair damaged glass areas on the flanges of manways or other large openings in glass-lined steel vessels.

Edlon‘s manway repair shields are iso-statically molded in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and have a uniform wall thickness and smooth surface finish.

These large repair shields are an addition to the already popular line of nozzle repair shields available in sizes 1.5” to 12”.

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