Edlon - Fluoropolymers


Edlon - Fluoropolymers

Edlon Solid PTFE Dip Tubes and Spargers

Edlon® solid PTFE tubes and spargers are fabricated from isostatically molded, heavy-wall PTFE tubing.

Type T, T,F and TE designs are suitable for non-agitated services up to 350°F and can be custom-designed for optimum performance.

Design Options

  • Interlocking design secures flange and plug to prevent twisting
  • Spargers drilled to client specifications
  • Engineering assistance with design details
  • Straight or bent configurations
  • Custom sizes and lengths fabricated upon request
  • Venturi type end available


  • Solid PTFE construction that prevents corrosion and eliminates product contamination
  • Cost efficient

PTFE-lined Spargers

Edlon’s type IS, SS, and VS spargers are fabricated from high strength steel and isostatically molded PTFE. Furthemore, these spargers have a solid PTFE diffusion head and an extra-heavy jacket to withstand mechanical abuse and high velocity sparging forces.

Type IS and SS spargers are designed to distribute gas or liquid through holes drilled in solid PTFE diffusion pipes. Drilling patterns are customized for specific flow rates and service conditions.

Type VS spargers feature a solid PTFE venturi type mixing head for improved gas or liquid distribution.
Units for steam service operate silently with no “steam hammering”.

Venturi spargers are custom designed for specific flow rates with normal turn down ratios of 2:1.

Liquid-liquid mixing ratios up to 2 or 3 gallons of contained fluid per each gallon of motive fluid are normally achieved.

Type HDIS spargers feature extended metal supports and are used when high temperature, horizontal positions or stilling is required.

Design Options

  • Mounting flange may be any size, eliminating the need for separate reducing flanges
  • Extra long (up to 45’) designs available
  • Alternative metal substrates (SS, hastelloy, etc.)
  • Flange drilling to your specification
  • Bends
  • Siphon breaks

Custom length between tank mount and connecting flanges