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What is WWG – World Wide Glass?

WWG is the multipurpose chemical glass from Pfaudler’s glass range, characterized by:

  • 3 colours, cobalt blue (WWG9115), light blue (WWG9145), and white (WWG9125)
  • Extraordinarily corrosion resistant
  • Very high resistance to mechanical stress
  • Good stability against thermal shock
  • Homogeneous stress distribution within the glass
  • Inert and amorphous surface
  • Anti-adhesive surface

Applications of Pfaudler’s multipurpose WWG:

WWG lining is primarily used in protecting against corrosion in:

  • hydrolytic, chlorination, sulphonation, nitration, and bromation processes;
  • producing pesticides and herbicides;
  • acidic or leaching processes;
  • flue gas desulphurization instruments;
  • recovery, recycling of sulphuric or hydrochloric acids.

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Additional advantages of white or light blue WWG:

  • High degree of light reflection creates a bright reactive environment and high contrast to the media.
  • Quick recognition of any colour shift in the process.

WWG inert and amorphous surface is a key criterion:

  • for the manufacture of very pure organic and inorganic substances such as vitamins, active pharmaceutical ingredients, semi-conductors or paints, and so on;
  • for processing and storing medicines, foodstuffs, fruit juices, and concentrates. In a comparative study involving different materials, glass lining achieves the best results for germ inhibition with regard to both natural and artificially induced germ infestation.

Two-colour glassing is possible (WWG white/ WWG blue) on request allowing for:

  • very early visual recognition of glass wear;
  • ideal indicator for preventive maintenance.

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