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A Wiped Film Evaporators (WFE) is a thin film evaporator used to separate liquids through their differences in volatility through evaporation. It is a problem solver for difficult applications, such as:

  • Heat sensitive products
  • Highly fouling applications
  • Viscous products
  • High boiling point products

For most WFE applications (fats, oils, nutraceuticals, polymers, resins, adhesives, biodiesel, oil re-refining, glycerin, flavors & fragrances etc.) alloy construction is suitable (Evaporation & distillation systems/ Wiped film evaporators). However, some processes in the chemical industry require the evaporative separation that the Pfaudler WFE provides, but are corrosive and also require the Glass-Lined (Glasteel®) construction that Pfaudler provides.

A typical Glass-Lined (Glasteel®) WFE is similar to our alloy WFE design and has a jacketed shell, rotor, distributor and wipers; however, the shell is glass-lined steel (with carbon steel heating jacket), the rotor is glass-lined steel, and the wipers are PTFE.