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The ASPAX PHE series of heat exchangers constitute a milestone in the development of glass-lined heat exchangers. Along with the properties of the glass itself, they also offer:

  • High resistance to pressure
  • High temperature differences between product and service side
  • Safe separation between product and service side, through a double sealing system in the tube sheet; sealing can be monitored
  • Additional heat exchange area can be created with a jacket around the heat exchanger shell.

The ASPAX heat exchanger is a single tube sheet type (like the TEMA Kettle type shell). The glass-lined heat exchanger tubes are fastened individually to one tube sheet. Through a bayonet arrangement, the service side fluid is introduced into the glass lined heat exchanger tube to the opposite side of the tube sheet. It flows then back into the gap between the introduction tube and internal wall of the heat exchanger tubes and, therefore, heats or cools them.

The ASPAX heat exchanger can be installed vertically or horizontally. Its shell can be customized to the user’s needs, such as with Glasslook sight glass and lamps or Fillook quick opening covers.

Very important design feature: the glass-lined tubes can be replaced individually if the glass on one of them is damaged.

Heat exchange surfaces:

  • On the tubes: 0.9m2 to 38m2 per unit.
  • Adder on the jacket: + 0.6m2 to + 3.8 m2.

Application range:

  • Temperature: -60°C/ +200°C
  • Pressure: -1/ +6 bar

Thanks to its original design, the ASPAX heat exchanger has a wide application range:

  • Liquid/ liquid heat exchanger
  • Condenser/evaporator
  • Reflux condenser at column head
  • Reboiler at column sump
  • Nozzle mounted in reactors or storage tanks

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