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Silicium carbide is a material with similar corrosion resistance properties as glass, but with tremendously better heat conduction performance. The bodies of glass-lined heat exchangers with silicium carbide tubes are an alternate to glass-lined tubes. They are highly compact and relatively low weight.

Pfaudler GlasSiC is the most advanced solution in the SCO heat exchanger series - a high efficiency, glass-lined heat exchanger with tube bundles in silicon carbide. The design is based on the traditional shell-and-tube design with fixed tube sheets (like the TEMA BEM configuration).

Construction materials are:

  • Shell and distributors: glass-lined carbon steel, stainless steel or special alloys
  • Baffles, tie rods, spacers: glass-reinforced PTFE
  • Tube sheets: either PTFE or glass-lined

A patented sealing system for the tubes or the tube sheet allows the differential expansion between shell and tubes to be efficiently compensated. Any leak can be monitored. Due to this innovative design, the SCO heat exchangers are offered in three configurations for corrosive media:

  • Inside tubes
  • Outside tubes
  • Inside and outside tubes

Design data:

Nominal diameter:

PTFE tube sheet 100 to 300 mm: surface/unit 0,38÷17,14 m²
Glass-lined tube sheet possible up to 300 mm: surface 0,23-12,21 m²
Temperature: -30°C / +165°C (PTFE tube sheet) ; -30°C / +200°C (GL tube sheet) *

Pressure: -1/ +6 bar

Thanks to its original configuration, the SCO heat exchanger can be used for:

  • Liquid/ liquid heat exchanger
  • Condenser/ evaporator
  • Economizer (corrosive fluid - both sides)

* Design temperature to be evaluated according to the product and the type of fluid / FDA approval upon request / For larger size and different design data, please contact Pfaudler.

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