Customized Reactors

Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems


Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

Why use customized reactors?

DIN reactors are configured to suit most process requirements. Some processes, such as laboratory, pilot plant, polymerization or continuous ones, require special layouts.

Pfaudler takes into consideration these specific requirements in its non-DIN customized reactor range.

What are customized requests?

The most frequent examples of reactor customizations are:

  • Design pressures up to 40 bar (lab reactors, polymerization reactors)
  • Reactor geometries with non-standard H/D ratios
    • Customized non-DIN nozzle schedules
  • Side wall nozzles (non-batch, continuous resp. overflow processes)
  • Additional nozzles in bottom dish (injection of gases or liquids through the bottom)
  • Block flanges (mainly in pharma applications):
    • at bottom dish, reduces dead volumes in the outlet nozzle/ combined to bottom valves with flat seats;
    • at top dish, agitator nozzle – cleaning lance nozzles – loading nozzles.
  • Bottom drives: polymerization reactors – big volumes with short agitator shafts
  • Base units for borosilicate glass top reactors (lab or pilot scale reactors)
  • Flat covers on small reactors (pharma applications, short nozzle necks, easy to clean)
  • Glass-lined stainless-steel covers for pharma reactors

The above are just a few examples. Pfaudler leverages the knowledge and skills of its team around the world to customize technologies that provide high-value solutions to its customers.