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Pfaudler - Glass-Lined & Alloy Systems

Glass-lined Receivers

Contrary to glass-lined storage tanks, which are mostly located outside in storage areas used for storing raw materials or end products, glass-lined receivers are generally located in production buildings, close to reactors. Often, their purpose is to dose the reactants upstream of the reactor or to recover specific substances downstream of the reaction.

Procedures are often carried out under pressure or in a full vacuum, and bodies are very frequently jacketed for preheating or preserving heat.

Receivers lined with Pfaudler glass are manufactured with the same glassing procedures as Pfaudler reactors, ensuring extremely safe operation.

What are the possible configurations of glass-lined receivers?

Pfaudler has a standard range of receivers starting from a volume of 50 to 3000 litres. However, receivers are generally customized to the specifications of end users, in terms of diameter, height or nozzle configurations, and are available in all types of Pfaudler glasses.

Main Characteristics:

  • Receivers in two-piece design with a cover from 50 to 500 litres - jacketed or not
  • Receivers in one-piece design with a manhole, from 800 to 3,000 litres - jacketed or not
  • Pressurized to 6 bar and above, upon request
  • Vertical, supported on brackets, legs, support rings
  • Nozzles on main cover, manhole cover, dished ends, and in cylindrical parts
  • Fitted with the same control accessories as reactors, such as:
    • Temperature gauges
    • Dip pipes glass-lined or PTFE lined and fittings
    • Bottom valves
    • Continuous level control through radars (Pfaudler Levelpuls) or level switches (Pfaudler Safety Swing)
    • Empty control switch through glass-lined capacitive ring probes
    • pH or rH probes (Pfaudler type pH03 or pH40)
    • Pfaudler Corrosion Detectors

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