Ceramic Membranes

Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Selective separations from fluid streams that contain aggressive components such as solvents

Among the various membrane solutions, we complete our offer with ceramic membranes. The product is successfully used in process applications, for the purpose of clarification, purification and concentration by microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. Furthermore, Hydroair is using ceramic membranes for effluent treatment, where it is the perfect pretreatment to nanofiltration and reverse osmosis steps. Ceramic membranes are showing uncomparable performances in terms of membrane life, chemical resistance and thermal stability, making them an unbeatable solution in all critical applications. Membrane flux regenerability is excellent, thanks to the possibility to clean in strong chemicals environment and at high temperature. Ceramic membranes are durable, they are giving high permeate fluxes, they can be steam sterilized, they are compatible with organic solvents, they accept chemical oxidizing sterilization.

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