Solvent Stable Membranes

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Membrane separation of molecules dissolved in organic solvents

Hydroair is able to design and manufacture complete systems for purification and/or concentration processes in presence of organic solvents, by means of different membranes, organic or inorganic. Hydroair can offer a range of nanofiltration membranes suitable for use in non-aqueous applications. Typical applications for these membranes in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries are solvent exchange, catalyst recycle, organics recovery and products purification. Membrane separation of molecules dissolved in organic liquids has emerged as a new area of membrane science during the last decade, with huge potential for green applications across chemical-related industry sectors. Common purification processes, such as distillation, extraction, chromatography, adsorption, and crystallization, can be energy or materials intensive, or suffer from problems of robustness. Solvent stable nanofiltration is a viable, energy saving, green alternative or complement to those.

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Examples of typical applications

  • Removal of polymeric impurities
  • Product purification
  • Monomer/dimer separation
  • Molecular fractionation
  • Room temperature solvent exchange
  • Catalyst recovery and recycle
  • Decolouration
  • Solvent recycling

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