Evaporation & Crystallization

Hydro Air - Membrane Separation Systems

Concentration or separation of liquid solutions, suspensions and emulsions

Hydroair designs and supplies single or multi effects forced circulation evaporators, falling film, thin film with thermal compression or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporators and crystallizers. Hydroair can offer wide range of evaporators in different materials of construction, from stainless steel to different metal alloys, duplex and super-duplex steel, hastelloy, titanium and lined materials. Evaporation and crystallization tests can be performed during the process feasibility phase, to verify separation effciency and allow preliminary cost evaluation before entering industrial design.

Main features of Evaporators:

  • Construction materials “custom tailored” to the special needs of every process stream
  • Possibility of handling fouling fluids and solids into the stream
  • Low energy consumptions through multi effects evaporation
  • Special design to reduce entrainment into the condensate
  • Possibility of designing the equipment as a crystallizer and discharging slurries up to 50% of solids by volume
  • Heating and condensing media selected case by case to increase the energy conservation of the production system
  • Full sinergy with upstream and downstream plants
  • "Easy and safe" control and automation system

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