Co-Axial & Multishaft Agitators

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology


Industrial Coaxial Agitators often referred to as Twin-shaft Disperser (TSD) in the paint industry, consist of a peripheral anchor with scraper impeller operating at low speed and a high-speed Saw Tooth / MCD Cowl Disc impeller both installed on a common shaft. The high-speed cowl disc disperses the solids within the mass and the anchor agitator (with a scraper) assures good transfer of heat while preventing material from sticking to the walls. In the Ink industry, these agitators are installed in Pre-Mix tanks (PMT)

Material of Construction: Carbon Steel | Stainless Steel

Applications: Paints, Resins & Inks, Adhesives

Motor Rating (kW) Shaft Diameter (mm) Operating Pressure Operating PressureShaft Length
5.5 - 180 75 - 300 Atm Upto 3m

The high-speed saw tooth/cowl disc impeller imparts shear forces to the solids to create a uniform dispersion, eliminate agglomeration and reduce the particle size. The low-speed, peripheral anchor blade, generates the required bulk motion feeding the fluid towards the central dispersion zone. The scraper ensures a clean sweep of the vessel wall, often prone to solid deposition.

Change shaft length up to 5 m in the above table Multi-shaft industrial mixers are widely preferred due to their ability to handle highly viscous fluids, liquid-solid dispersion, and blending.

Our Expertise in Industrial Coaxial Agitators

  • The compact and robust design eliminates excessive vibrations
  • Can offer dual processes in a single mixing system
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Lifting arrangement of the drive and agitator is available as an optional feature
  • Various cowl disc and scraper options are offered to suit the nature of process fluid
  • Mixing vessel to optimize vessel scraping with controlled ovality can be supplied