Top Entry Agitators

Mixion - Mixing Technology

Mixion - Mixing Technology


Top entry mixers usually referred to as “agitators” are widely used across the industry spectrum and are the preferred choice for batch, continuous and semi-continuous stirred tanks.

Different Sealing Types Offered Include: Open Tank Ι Gland Packing Ι Lip Seal Ι Vapour Seal Ι Single Seal Ι Double Seal Ι Magnetic Seal

Material of Construction: Stainless Steel | Inconel | Monel | Hastelloy | Duplex Steel | Titanium | CarbonSteel with lining or without lining (Rubber lining, FRP, PVDF, PTFE, Halar etc)

Applications: Chemical | Minerals & Metals | Paints, Resins & Inks | Pharma & Biotech | Food & Beverages | Sugar | WWTP

Motor Rating (kW) Shaft Diameter (mm) Operating Pressure Shaft Length
0.37-450 20 - 500 Designed upto 100 bar Upto 30m

Design and working

The most standard configuration of an agitator includes a prime mover i.e. motor connected to a gear reducer to impart the appropriate torque required. The agitator shaft connecting the motor and gear unit into the vessel is usually isolated by use of a variety of paints arrangement. The type of sealing arrangement is again driven by the nature of fluid and the desired level of isolation needed for plant and process safety. The shaft inside the tank will normally have one or more stages of impellers to impart motion to the fluid. The choice of impeller(s) and its speed of rotation is again made by an application engineer based on the process need. The mechanical components such as bearings, shaft size, couplings, etc. are then selected to ensure smooth functioning. A top entry agitator could vary from one to other based on different sealing configuration, the material of constructions and some of them could even be direct motor-driven instead of the gear reducer. Mostly these agitators are mounted vertical and in the center of the tank. However, based on process need, these could be mounted off-center or inclined or both.

Our Expertise

  • Rich past experience of 30+ years and strong applications know-how of mixing needs for a wide spectrum of processes
  • Modern drive designs make our equipment robust when in use under highly demanding conditions. At the same time, these are optimized for an optimum footprint
  • Maintenance and User-Friendly drive designs such as easy seal removal feature not only helps reduce equipment downtime but also eliminates the risk of misalignments which usually is a cause of future failures
  • The gear reducers and the bearings taking axial and radial process loads are carefully selected for trouble-free operations
  • Optional features for “gen-next” agitators such as monitoring actual shaft rotational speeds, online monitoring of bearing temperatures, predictive bearing life and much more could be offered on need basis